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ActiveAdult News & Events

Welcome to the ActiveAdult E-Lert Page. Please see below for activities for both the East Side Milwaukie and Clackamas Clubs. Make new friends and have twice as much fun as you attend activities for both clubs!

MARCH 2018


Clackamas News & Events:

March 2nd - Friday - LUNCH WITH US

Join your friends for soup, salad, and of course breadsticks! Food will be brought to the studio after class. Cost: $8 per person

March 7th - Monday - 1:30-2:30pm - BEACH VOLLEYBALL

Join us for a free informative lecture on heart health. Sponsored by North Lake Physical Therapy. Tuesday, February 13 at 12:30pm.

March 12th - Monday - 1:45pm - HAPPY HIPS LECTURE

North Lake Physical Therapist, Jason Villa, will be teaching you how to keep your hips happy and healthy. He will provide great information and exercises for common issues. IT'S FREE!

March 16th - Friday - 1:45pm - ST. PATRICKS SOCIAL

Wear your green and/or white and bring green and/or white snacks to share after class. How creative can you be?

March 19 - Monday - 1:30pm - BINGO

Play as many cards as you like. Maybe even win a prize or two. Cost: 15cents per triple card, pre game. 



 Looking Ahead:

April 24th - Spirit Mountain Casino Trip

May 10th - Moms Day Social/Albertina's Kitchen

Sign-up sheets for events are available at the Service Desk



Milwaukie News & Events: 


"Go Further with Food" is the theme for 2018, and its importance is  timely for many reasons. Whether it's starting the off right with a healthy breakfast or fueling before an athletic event, the foods you choose can make a difference. Preparing foods to go further at home and within the community can have a positive impact as well. 

Marchg 27th - Tuesday 1pm - BIRTHDAY LUNCH

Celebrate March birthdays, enjoy time with friends, and meet some new ones! Join us for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, 13011 SE 84th Ave, Clackamas Near Costco. 

Please sign up at the Service Desk if you plan to attend the lunch


Milwaukie Club  503.659.3845                     Clackamas Club 503.659.3846. 


Do you attend ActiveAdult Strength, SilverSneakers and/or Silver&Fit Classes?
Here are just 5 important benefits from (and reasons that you should participate in) strength training:

1. Improve functional strength & flexibility - for your daily activities, and making you less vulnerable to falls or other injuries. 
2. Increase bone mass and density - help protect against osteoporosis.
3. Build muscle strength - adults lose between 5-7 pounds of muscle every decade after age 20!
4. Lower body fat - research in strength training has demonstrated a 4-lb. fat loss after 3 months of training
5. Reduce resting blood pressure. 
For more information, click HERE or talk to your instructors Barb or Becky

We look forward to seeing YOU in class! :)

ActiveAdult Exec

Getting Started at East Side Athletic Clubs

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