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ActiveAdult News & Events

Welcome to the ActiveAdult E-Lert Page. Please see below for activities for both the East Side Milwaukie and Clackamas Clubs. Make new friends and have twice as much fun as you attend activities for both clubs!


APRIL 2019




April 1st - Monday - 1:30-2:30pm - Beach Ball Volley

This is a fun noncompetitive chair “volleyball”, only with a beach ball, and it’s a fun cardio workout!!

April 5th - Friday- 1:45pm - Olive Garden Lunch Social

Join your friends for soup, salad, and of course breadsticks!

Food will be brought to studio after class. Cost: $9 per person

April 15th - Monday - 1:30-2:30pm - Bingo

Play as many cards as you like….maybe win a prize or two!

Cost:  Fifteen cents per triple card, per game.

April 21st - Sunday - Easter Sunday

Both Locations will be closed

April 27th -Saturday - 10:30am – Walking "101" With Donna

Learn some basic skills, for more efficient fitness walking.

May 2nd - Thursday - New Fitgroup!

Group Exercise classes are great, but in order to work for everyone they are a bit general. If you want to target certain aspects of your fitness and your over 55 young, you have to check out Kris Myers' NEW FITGROUP - Active For Life. FOCUSED ON MOBILITY, STABILITY, CORE STRENGTH AND


Looking Ahead:

May 4th – Mom's Day Social - Mcmenamins on the Columbia

May 7th  – Spirit Mountain Casino Trip

June 8th – Dad's Day Social - Beez's Holgate Station/Memory Lane

June 23rd - New Centruy Players "Gin Game"

Sign-up sheets for events are available at the Service Desk




Following on the heels of National Heart Health Month is National Nutrition Month!  The purpose is to help individuals become aware of good nutrition and a healthful eating plan.  Some good goals for this month would be to consume fewer calories, get daily exercise, and make informed food choices.  Look for helpful information posted on the bulletin board in studio 1.


Join us for lunch at Round Table Pizza

16550 SE MCloughlin Blvd., Milwaukie | Tuesday, April 23rd at 1pm

Get 2 or 3 freidns together to share a pizza, or enjoy an entree or salad

Please sign up at the front desk if you plan to attend the lunch


Easter Sunday falls on April 21st this year.  Enjoy being HAPPY & HOPPY and “take the day off” from club use….both ESAC will be closed on Easter Sunday.


You’ve turned the clocks forward, possibly started Spring cleaning, and now maybe you can freshen up your fitness goals as well!  Here are 7 ways to “spring forward” into fitness:

1: Identify the “why” - fitness isn’t always about losing weight - maybe your “why” is that you want to feel better about yourself, have more energy and know that you’re doing something good for your body.

2: Find a way (or a few ways) to be active every day -- Enjoy a walk outside, or try one of our excellent group fitness classes at ESAC!  Lots of variety…chair class, water ex, yoga & more!

3: Eat real, whole food -- fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, healthy and clean proteins -- treat your body well - it’s the only one you’ve got!

4: Don’t think of health as a punishment -- Be thankful for the health you have - it’s a gift that we should appreciate and build so that we can live BETTER.

5: Don’t skimp on sleep -- make it a priority because it really does affect your health.

6: Hydrate!  This is one of the simplest ways to achieve a healthier you. Keep a water bottle with you to remind you to drink more H2O!

7: Enlist a buddy -- a friend or co-worker can help you stay accountable to your goals, and it’s just more fun to work out with a friend or group than by yourself! (Here’s another plug for our awesome and fun classes at ESAC!!) Check out the class schedule & try something NEW!

Any Questions, please contact Becky at 503-659-3845


Milwaukie Club  503.659.3845                     Clackamas Club 503.659.3846. 


Do you attend ActiveAdult Strength, SilverSneakers and/or Silver&Fit Classes?
Here are just 5 important benefits from (and reasons that you should participate in) strength training:

1. Improve functional strength & flexibility - for your daily activities, and making you less vulnerable to falls or other injuries. 
2. Increase bone mass and density - help protect against osteoporosis.
3. Build muscle strength - adults lose between 5-7 pounds of muscle every decade after age 20!
4. Lower body fat - research in strength training has demonstrated a 4-lb. fat loss after 3 months of training
5. Reduce resting blood pressure. 
For more information, click HERE or talk to your instructors Barb or Becky

We look forward to seeing YOU in class! :)

ActiveAdult Exec

Getting Started at East Side Athletic Clubs