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No matter your age, you can make improvement to your health and fitness with dedication like Lila has shown. Thankfully, she was smart enough to notice a problem and more importantly brave enough to ask for help. She created a goal, stuck with it...even when it was extremely difficult, and now is planning a missions trip to rural Thailand!

"Hi there. My name is Lila, age 74, and I have belonged to East Side Athletic Club since I was 65 and would use it occassionally until I retired at age 70. At that point, I went several days a wekk and ride the bike and maybe do a few exercise machines. I had noticed as I get older my balance was not as good as it once was, and my body movements we not all that great.  Because of this, I had several falls, thankfully only breaking a bone one time. Then I noticed I couldnt get up off the floor without assistance. I know it was time to do something about it. 

That was when I started working with a personal trainer and he has helped me immensely. His name is James. James is very considerate of my age and limitations and knows when to push me and when to back off. When to encrouage me and when to laugh with me. I usually go to the gym 3-4 days a wekk now and work with James one of those days. We did train 2-3 times a week until we achieved my first goal of getting up and down off the floor without help. Once we achieved it, My son and my husband really encouraged me to keep working with him to continue being challenged and improve in my health and fitness. He has me doing balance, strengthening exercises (especially core), and exercises that help with my mobility as well. My balance and mobility has greatly improved, even my kids have commented on it and encouraged to keep it up. Thanks you James!"

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Tasha's Success Story

Tasha's story is an inspirational journey.  We could not be more proud of what she has accomplished. The wisdom she has learned along the way is invaluable!

"All of my life I've been ridiculed for being heavy. The people I went to the school with, co-workers, boyfriends, random people in public, even my own family and some teachers have humiliated me for my weight and appearance. Having tried to lose weight countless time as a child/teen/adult I decided that if I wanted to be successful this time, something would have the change. I needed to do it out of genuine love for myself, not because I hated my body and would only feel worthy if I changed it.
We each wake up every day and have the gift of deciding how we want to use our 24 hours. There are so many things people will tell you what you need to do to be successful. So what really is the best way to reach your goals? The way that YOU can. Put one foot in front of the other, even if you feel like you're doing so blindly. You don't have to be perfect to progress, and falling short is always better than stopping short. My transformation is an ongoing series of choices I started making in January of 2017. I started with being mindful of the kinds of food I was putting into my body. After a few weeks of eating cleaner, I started paying attention to my calorie intake. Eventually, I built up the courage to sign up at Eastside Athletic Club, that was the real game changer for me. It's a beautiful thing to be surrounded by people striving to move forward towards their goals and overcoming their own obstacles along the way."

"Flash forward a year and a half .. I'm down 160 pounds, body deflated leaving behind quite a bit of excess skin and all stretch marks still intact, but nevertheless feel amazing. This is about more than just weight loss, this is me taking back my life and learning to accept my body, along with the person inside of it. Participating in life is so much more enjoyable these days. Being able to trust my body and knowing it's strong enough to take me through life is something I've worked so hard for. Before starting this journey I was settling, and trying my hardest to be invisible, whereas now I am fighting every day physically and mentally to be the woman I'm going to spend the rest of my life loving."

"It's important to remember that no single phase of life is permanent. Don't ever forget that you deserve to live a healthy life. You deserve to be happy and have control and the only person who's going to get you there is you. I love this journey, I love that even more than the physical transformation I've been able to completely change my mentality. Yes, I still have doubts and insecurities, plenty of them in fact. But I look at myself and see a capable, strong woman. Taking my life back into my own hands is the single most empowering thing I've done in my life."

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